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summaries of scientific papers and academic literature, containing all the main facts shortened and compressed into a few minutes read. its build for scientists and academics who want to spare time on research. it's free to use

What is Papersums?

Papersums is an online platform designed for academics and scientists to upload short summaries of their articles and other published work.

How is it different from an abstract of a paper?

An abstract typically highlights only the main message of a published work. With Papersums, the author compresses the main messages into a short summary, while also including concise, intricate details that are pertinent to the main conclusions. This provides a quick overview of the study without having to read the whole paper.

Why use Papersums?

Even though open access is slowing becoming the standard publishing practice for new journals, papers with the highest readership and number of citations (e.g. those published in Nature, Cell, Science League) remain locked behind paywalls. By providing summaries of your scientific work, you not only make it easily accessible to those in your field, but also offer a short overview of your work to the non-scientific community. This is key to drawing more attention from the broader public and promoting your work.

Can anyone upload summaries to Papersums?

Yes. Although anyone can upload a summary of a published article to Papersums regardless of authorship, we do recommend that you summarize your own work, as to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the data.

Who can edit and save published summaries on Papersums?

Only the author of a summary can edit a published summary. However, anyone can leave a public comment underneath any summary. Also anyone can save any summaries in their respective profiles for later review by clicking the heart icon.

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