Win one of three
50 € gift cards with Papersums

Celebrate with us the start of Papersums' public beta opening with an amazon gift card raffle and multiple prizes to win

How to participate

1. Create a Papersums account 

In order to participate you must have a Papersums account. You already have an account? Great! One step less on the list

2. Publish one or more summaries

Your name will enter the raffle for each summary you publish on Papersums. The more sums, the higher the chance to win

3. Invite one or more friends

You can win an additional 10 € Amazon gift card if any of your referred friends wins a primary prize in the raffle

To participate to the raffle, you also have to agree to the Papersums terms of use & terms of participation.

FAQs to the raffle

What is Papersums?

Papersums is an online platform designed for academics and scientists to upload short summaries of their articles and other published work.

Check out our landing page or help section for more information on Papersums. Or write us a message in the integrated chat tool in the bottom left

What is the participation period?

In order to participate, you have to have fulfilled all necessary steps until the 30th April 2021 at 23:59 o'Clock CET. The winners will be publicly announced on the 1st May on Papersums' Twitter account (@papersums) & SUBS account (@papersums) and directly contact via the integrated papersums chat. The winners then have 7 days to react and claim the prize.

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