To accelerate scientific progress worldwide

By providing a platform for summaries of academic literature, which contain valuable facts compressed into a few minutes read

Why this is important?

Here are our findings on why a platform such as Papersums would benefit the entire scientific community

The Founders

Dr. Nirav Florian Chhabra

B.A. Kevin Gallas Mayer

Papersums CEO Dr. Nirav Florian Chhabra
Papersums COO Kevin Gallas Mayer

CEO — As a young academic, I find quick and effective communication between colleagues of utmost importance. Born in India, I also strongly believe in the importance of good and free education for all children around the world

Published Papers:

COO — As a serial entrepreneur, I live to find easy solutions to complex problems. With Papersums, academics can easily compress the main messages of their papers making it quick to read, easy to share and best of all, it's free to use

Other Startups:

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We believe in the importance of freely available information and education for everyone. That's why we started Papersums.

Nevertheless, operations cost time, work and money. We very much appreciate your contribution, however much it might be!

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